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Why read “The C.U.R.E. for Life” ?

October 20, 2018

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You Can Be A Leader

January 12, 2018

While over the last twenty years I have helped lead the growing "Living Wholeness" community, I didn’t actually realise that I was a leader until only a few years ago!

Maybe you don’t think you can lead, but like me, without actually knowing it, you are leading already? Would you’d like to lead, to make a difference in other’s lives? 


But you may think that leadership is beyond you, or that you would have to be well-known, popular, highly respected and pretty famous to qualify. You might also feel you are too busy & have enough on your own plate already anyway.

Regardless of who you are, you can be a leader. Yes I mean even if you are at primary school or retired from paid work, male or female and regardless of culture, we are all actually called to be leaders. If we serve even one person, that is actually the first step to becoming a leader. Someone in grade 2 at school can do that just as much as a teenager, a mother, or a stay-at-home father etc. 


Let me share with you a bit how I lead? How does it work and what does leadership actually mean? I'll briefly explain. I meet up with someone over a coffee for a short time, usually about an hour, but I see them regularly; some frequently, like weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and others even less frequently. I call this doing “twos and threes”, where two or three of us are together. All of us then connect with each other on a less frequent basis, and over the years, momentum gathers. Through this copy and paste leadership, Living Wholeness is now third and fourth generation…and in a number of countries.


So what do I do to actually lead? Let me invite you to one of those meetings. As I connect with them, you will find me understanding them deeper, I get a picture for where they could be, where they could flourish even more, to live in their " flow”. I want to see them fly, fly higher than myself. We become 'fellow travellers", just by being together. We connect and understand, respond to God and each other. As we grow, it becomes more two-way. In a synergistic way they rise to greater heights. They go further than if they had been doing life alone. By my serving them, they are more equipped to serve & lead others.


I guess I try and follow the leader myself. For me, it’s a pretty good rule of thumb to see Jesus as the ultimate leader. He led just a small group of about twelve people, just by being with them, and doing life with them, so that they could learn to be like Him, themselves becoming leaders.


I also find myself doing what the great coach John Maxwell alludes to in one of his many books on leadership. Elyse this is how I see it.  I become someone who other people journey with and they with me, not because of my rights, but based on relationship, respect, results and ultimately reproduction of producing more seven leaders.


Dr John Warlow

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