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Why read “The C.U.R.E. for Life” ?

October 20, 2018

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Why read “The C.U.R.E. for Life” ?

September 8, 2018

The story behind the books.

These books can give you a picture language to help you change personally, as well as in your relationships and then to help others to grow. Can change for the better occur? How would you say your life is going? Would you like to grow it further?


My life at the moment is going quite well. I have a great family, I love my job as a counselling and coaching adult child and family psychiatrist. I have friends and am grateful for my health. However, life did not start out like that. I did not feel whole or integrated as a person. I struggled within myself. My sense of self-esteem, who I was and what can I do anyway were all a bit of a mystery. In many ways I was alone. Not so now. Things have changed. Out of this struggle has come this book. Here, from my knowledge of people (which is my job) I take complex and essential concepts and reshape them into a picture language to make it easy to see how change can happen. Things can change for you.

As you will see in the book, I had to do so many changes from a background which was pretty well null and void.  I virtually had no-one in my life, and was brought up largely speaking on my own by a Nanny and then in the institution of a Boarding School.  I had to find an easy way of understanding growth and change.  Through my struggles I had the incredible privilege nearly 30 years ago of finding a framework, a picture language to say more than many thousands of words regarding the essentials of life.  With the help of others this picture language is now being used here in Australia and also overseas, especially in countries where not only do they have needs, but they know they have needs.  I think in Australia we have lots of needs but probably maybe don’t really want to know about them.


I had to find a way to grow. That is why I wrote this book, “The CURE for Life: God Centred Transformation”. I wanted to find a simple big picture way of looking at life and change. I needed it for myself, and I needed to understand the complexities of psychiatry as well as what it means for a person to be whole. As I went on in life, and journeyed with some other professionals who work with people, we came up with this picture language or a visual pathway to change. Wholistic transformation: spiritually personally and socially can be in your hands and more so, in your hearts. A transformation which can help you to be more connected, with a sense of belonging and having a greater capacity for impact in this world. From here we can rise up to greater heights, but in a way which would not let or even put other people down.


There’s a range of problems we can meet. Many of us feel a sense of loss, instability, insecurity, and sometimes struggle with dysfunctional and disconnected relationships. We may be into habits which other people may not know about and which we know are not helpful. We may have other problems possibly to do with how we use our time, our body, what we think about and feel, right through to what is going on in the core of our life. These things might have only just recently started or might have gone on for a very long time.



Dr John Warlow

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