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Why read “The C.U.R.E. for Life” ?

October 20, 2018

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What is this picture language?

October 6, 2018

The steps and shapes are a life changing language which you can learn and use in any situation in your way. Personally, so often when I’m puzzled about a particular situation to do with life and people, I fall back on the steps and shapes and frequently find a way forward.


A picture says a thousand words.  These 5 steps and 5 shapes bring together the essentials of God-centred wholistic living.  They can be used in a transferable way, across cultures and age groups.  They help us to locate what is actually happening within us, and in our relationships.  The shapes are a bit like a jigsaw puzzle template which turns the puzzle of what’s going on for someone into a picture. The steps and shapes link together what is going on in the present and provide a visual road map on how come they came to be this way and where things might be heading.  On the basis of this greater understanding they then help us to have a greater capacity to change, but not to do that on our own, but to do that with others.

Let me give an example.  Hilary is a 35 year old English lady who over the last 5 years has been struggling with her partner.  Her health is not so good and she has been becoming more anxious and feeling more out of control.  Using the steps and shapes it is possible to virtually see what is going on for her as a person, in the present.  As she shares more about her past, and how she had problems in her childhood with her Dad and some boyfriend issues in her late teens, it starts to make sense why she has become like she has.  In particular, the steps and shapes invite an understanding of the depths of the issues and the root causes rather than just only the symptoms.


With Hilary, because she has some internal strengths in terms of her self-esteem and a sense of who she is, as well as an active spiritual life and in addition has a couple of friends to turn to, it becomes clear that these are sign-posts to a greater possibility of change as she engages the help of others around her.  Accessing some professional help from someone who can provide coaching for her strengths and counselling for her struggles adds to that possibility of change.


So many of us will face challenges. We need a wholistic and balanced approach to change.  This is exactly what the steps and shapes provide, allowing for a robust theology, psychology, biology and sociology of change to be activated.  If any of these aspects are not brought to bear on the situation, the future is not so bright.


While learning the picture language is in some ways learning a new operating system for your computer/smartphone, or like learning any language, you can start off really simply but then grow as you develop in it and use it in your own way. Why not take that step if you haven’t and get the “the C.U.R.E. for Life: Part One”? Share it with someone else and together develop your language for change.


Dr John Warlow

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