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Why read “The C.U.R.E. for Life” ?

October 20, 2018

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What Is Mentoring? Part Two

June 3, 2018

My story.


Mentoring brings momentum into an organisation.

I now lead an organisation which actually has significant impact on hundreds of people. It is called Living Wholeness, a community of those who use the picture language for reshaping our lives called the CURE. None of these are my employees. I don’t pay them anything. Not a cent, not an Indian rupee, a Chinese RMB or even a British 20p. Mind you it’s taken around 25 years. In the last 10 years and more so in the last 2 to 3 years, it has started to gather momentum and get wind underneath our wings. How have I done this?

Mentoring takes time.

How have I develop this organisation? It is pretty well totally using the currency of time, building up relationships and empowering them to set up their organisations. It is not as if I have had time to throw away. On the other hand, while the organisation has got bigger over the last few years, I’ve had the privilege of being able to get down to only doing paid work 2 days a week, putting a lot of the rest of the time into this. Even despite taking time off from paid work, I often think about the concept of “time famine” where there just isn’t much time, being very true for myself. In some ways it was also more than time. It certainly helped that I developed a product (called the Christian Wholeness Framework, CWF) on people change. Mind you even that product was developed through these relationships as we together worked on making it. It is also really helped in that I don’t hold tightly onto the product for myself as I guess I nearly discovered the product by accident or more so, Providence. In many ways it’s not my own so why should I hold onto it. Now people are taking this CWF is an operating system for their own applications to be used in their way.


While at medical school in my early 20s, walking the fields in Birmingham UK and looking ahead at my life, I prayed for a strategic approach to living my days to the max. The impression I had was to fellow travel with a few people in my life. That has become the template of what recently I have seen is a form not only of hidden servant leadership, and expression of which is mentorship. Mentoring carries these 3 words. Hidden because not many people know about it. Servant because there is the aim of, if relevant and possible, to help the other flourish in a God centred way. Leadership, although this is a large word, you are helping the other lead towards growth and change.


Dr John Warlow

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