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This book is designed to help you develop skills and strategies for coping with life's challenges. Amongst self-help books, Wholly Coping stand out from the crowd because it combines the results of decades of clinical research with a deep understanding of the Bible. It will help you learn practical strategies for moving towards Christian Wholeness  




the C.U.R.E. for life Book Launch

Dr. John Warlow is an experienced Adult Child and Family Psychiatrist, and as the developer of the Christian Wholeness Framework (CWF), is committed to facilitating the development of Christian mental health professionals.


His goal is to have them become more integrated into and assisting the church to become more appropriate and relevant to the needs of the community. His consulting, teaching and supervision skills have benefited clients, practice their faith and counselling professionals, pastors, and churches, both in Australia and internationally.


John has been running a local church small group for a number of years using the steps and shapes. He has a deep Christian faith and seeks to be a follower of Jesus.


His passion is Christian Wholeness; taking the whole gospel to the whole person! John wrote Living Wholeness, which is an introduction to the framework for professional counselors and co-authored Wholly Coping for the everyday person.

Author, Creative, Psychiatrist 

Derek & Y: This is just the sort of book that is needed to bring CWF to "people helpers" and the interested reader. Great job! I plan to buy it was soon as it hits the shelves!


Yoshi (Japanese, working in Asia): Very captivating book.  Makes complex concepts simple to understand and remember.  I really like how you worded it so that non-believers are invited to use and take the principles.   I recommended to several of teachers who had attended the CWF Intro trainings.  Your personal testimonies are very powerful tool!

I recommend every LWTP students to read your book as well as anyone interested to help others and self in healthy ways .  It’s a great review and cleared up so many concepts hearing again from your original and logical perspective.  Learning from the founder and seeing how each shapes fit together with the steps was so helpful! Great overview of CWF!

What I appreciate about it is that we get to apply it at home, with friends, the church, and your work places.  It’s adoptable and universal! My life is forever changed by introduced to CWF and sharing about the Steps and the Shapes!  Now I am learning to live by it with His help! Thank you for demonstrating with your life, John through servant leadership style to reflect Jesus!   I cannot wait for others to discover this treasure through your new book!


Barbie: My initial thoughts are how accessible it is, the authentic voice speaking and your great desire to share what you have been working with over the last number of years.  It is the sort of material that is great to have on your book shelf so that you can go back and re-read sections.  


Philip Lye, Small Group Leader, Elder & Missionary Th D.: The CURE is a masterpiece into God’s divine ways leading the reader into a deeper relational experience with God and fellow man resulting in genuine change. There is something for everyone, from the casual reader to the practitioner. It is a manuscript which you will want to re-read as you seek to put these keys of truth into practice. Dr John Warlow has excelled again. Highly recommended 


PS. Church pastor: I love the accessible plain language. I love the story-telling, particularly your story! It helps.


RD Prof of Horticulture: I often wonder why so many Christian decide to write books and when I read a Christian book I always look for something new or inspirational. Thus I am generally a bit sceptical about many Christian books. However the further I read into the CURE, the more God spoke to me and the more I saw it as inspirational.  It is not only very valuable from your psychiatric/counselling perspective but the way you have woven the message of the bible and Jesus through the CURE is inspirational.


GH. Chinese counsellor living and working in China. I am the wife of a pastor. 11 years ago, I had the privilege of getting to know John as a supervisor, as a good friend, and most of all, a person whom I deeply respect. His CWF (Christian Wholeness Framework) gave me a “whole perspective” on how a life can receive healing and constantly grow. C.U.R.E helped me better comprehend the struggles that people face in their daily relationships in contemporary Chinese society. Furthermore, C.U.R.E enabled me to become a better counselor, and also enabled others to become better people helpers.


Bex S: It can feel awkward and vulnerable to ask questions to connect and understand, but that these are essential for responding appropriately and for building deeper connections. One must be brave enough to ask the questions without knowing how to answer beforehand, without have preconceived ideas.”


RR: As a person on a journey to integration and God centered transformation falling all over the place as I bumble my way through life, your book is as you say a framework and a solid one at that to continue to resource and help keep you on track.

You have articulated the steps through this book in such a way that its not complicated but flows so that a person who is reading it would not become overwhelmed with the content or find it confusing. As for someone using this book to help others, Pastors, home group leaders and the everyday person it addresses the whole person and the building blocks in the way of shapes and steps is brilliant.

I love how you relate many of the aspects of your writings to your own personal journey. It makes your work so tangible and real to the person who is reading this book.

It is a fantastic tool for EVERYONE and a learning and development resource that can be picked up and put down at anytime and still be able to follow.


AW: Excellent book! It has been an informative and inspiring read and I especially enjoyed how you tied in your personal story. Your theological reflection and practical application is also excellent. The appendices on Tennis, expanding the circles, and the church are also particularly useful You've made this very practical and accessible and I pray it assists many people in deepening understanding of themselves and God's grace and purpose for life.


DA: This is an invaluable book –I loved most of all the explanation of The Shape of the Square and the Shape of the Cross. It was very clear and as I read I felt that for Christians in particular it gave real hope – hope of His unconditional love despite sin; of the normalcy of sin for Christians and how easy to move from right to left and back again; it offered a much easier understanding of Justification, Sanctification, and Repentance.  Likewise the pyramid was really well explained, and in terms of leaders, provided much needed clarification. 


Joash: Loved reading the CURE! Was really useful, thoughtful and practical.

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